Another Ripoff?

Blue Sheet - "Another Ripoff?"

"Another Ripoff?" Blue sheet, February 1, 1976. Goldin (Marion) Papers, e_goldi_00060, Briscoe Center for American History.

Aired on April 25, 1976, the show examined the current status and operation of the U.S. unemployment insurance system and featured individuals openly admitting their dubious presence in unemployment roles. Three men—an aspiring golf pro, a former businessman, and a well-dressed man driving around in a Cadillac—spend the winter in Florida while drawing unemployment payments from Michigan and other states.

Producer Marion Goldin recalls how this story was one of substance, made palatable through the characters. Choosing the right person, the one that could represent the issues or problems 60 Minutes was trying to elicit, was always paramount for producers like Goldin. Such a task was often facilitated by the fact that people can not resist "the lure of television."